Calibration Training Course

A new online training course has been added for those wishing to become registered service agents, or refresh their existing certification. This will qualify you to undertake calibrations and service of the following air samplers:

  • MicroBio MB1
  • MicroBio MB1-HiFlow
  • MicroBio MB2
  • MicroBio MB2-HiFlow
  • MicroBio MB2-RSH
  • MicroBio MB2-RSH HiFlow

To gain certification as an authorised calibration, service and repair agent this course must be completed by all technicians. Upon completion a certificate will be issued with validity for three years.

To access the course you must be registered on this website and then logged in. When logged in you also have access to a range of service manuals and calibration guides.

Take a look at the course contents.