MicroBio MB1-HiFlow

The MicroBio MB1 bioaerosol sampler is now available as a HiFlow model. This model has sampling flow rate of 180 litres per minute (lpm), compared to the standard 100 lpm, nearly halving the time to take a sample while maintaining simplicity of use, reliability and performance the MicroBio MB1 is known for.

Using widely available 90 mm Petri dish media and powered from rechargeable NiMh or alkaline cells, the MicroBio MB1-HiFlow becomes the most cost-effective high air-flow rate microbial air sampler on the market today.

When repeated high-volume samples using multiple media types are required, high flow air samplers can provide savings in time labour costs, particularly in high value settings, such as hospital operating theatres.Detailed information on the savings that can be made is described in our paper Why Choose High Flow Microbial Air Samplers?

Please view the MicroBio MB1 product page for further detailed information.

Available to buy worldwide from our authorised distributors, the part numbers are:

A-00024-H-401-90-B for battery powered model

A-00024-H-401-90-BE for battery and optional external power supply model



* HiFlow is a term used by Cantium Scientific Limited to denote sampler models that have high air flow rates compared to standard 100 lpm samplers.