Bioaerosol Sampler Calibration

Calibration service only £70.00 including UK shipping*

The MicroBio bioaerosol samplers offer years of reliable service.  Cantium Scientific offer a MicroBio bioaerosol sampler calibration service.  They should be regularly calibrated and we recommend this is done annually.

We offer a standard factory calibration service for £70.00 per sampler in the UK.  This price includes return shipping.  For calibration by a UKAS registered provider please contact Protrol Instrumentation Ltd.  If not in the UK please contact your local distributor first.  If sending back from outside the UK, international return shipping will be added to the cost.

For sampler re-calibration simply fill out the form below prior to sending the sampler to us using an insured courier.  No other paperwork is needed.  We will perform the calibration within one working day of receipt.  If you are an account customer, the cost will be invoiced as normal, otherwise a pro-forma invoice will be emailed with a link for payment prior to you sending the sampler.

If you own a MicroBio MB1 with a yellow LED display purchased before January 2017, then you are eligible for a free upgrade to include delay start. Please tick the ‘MB1 delay-start upgrade’ box below.

NOTE:  All samplers must be fully cleaned prior to return.  Do not send with batteries or charger.

*  Return shipping by DHL within UK. Price excludes VAT. International return shipping is charged at cost in addition to the £70.00 calibration fee.