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Could you become a MIcroBio distributor? We’re looking to expand our distributor network. If you would like to distribute MicroBio bioaerosol samplers please apply here. To qualify as a distributor you must have a background in the use or sale of scientific equipment related to microbiology. Your company must be able to offer after-sales support in relation to bioaerosols, agar media and instrument calibration service. To get started at least one model of bioaerosol sampler should be purchased to enable in-house familiarisation, training and demonstration purposes.

If you wish to become a full service agent then it is recommended a validation kit and service kit be purchased. Details and prices of these will be confirmed upon application.

Initial orders from distributors are on a pro-forma invoice basis.  Please read our full terms and conditions. We do not offer exclusivity in any country, preferring open fair trade and competition. Before applying, please consider the distributors we already have around the world and take your time browsing the lists.  Some may specialise in particular market sectors. If you are in a region with an existing distributor but specialise in a different sector, then consider applying.

Data collected in the form below is only used in relation to the processing the application. The data will be recorded on our MRP system for future order processing if the application is successful. It will never be shared with third parties for any other reason. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

Application Form

What market sectors do you operate in?

How will you sell and support MicroBio products?

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* Important note:  It is the distributor’s responsibility, as an independent business, to ensure compliance with local legislation in respect of the products being sold. Within the EU this will include, but not be limited to, WEEE regulations where the distributor will have responsibility for registration with the local authority, maintaining records of sales and reporting to their local authorities or agents as required by local implementation of EU directives.