About Us

The company was founded by our current Managing Director, Stephen Plumridge in 1992 trading as Foice Systems, specialising in the design and development of industrial electronic systems.

We first started developing bioaerosol samplers in 1992 working as a sub-contract designer alongside F W Parrett Ltd developing the first AirTest sampler for a French fumigant manufacturer and carried out the manufacture of this product in the UK.

During 1994 and in partnership with F W Parrett Limited, the first generation MicroBio MB1 bioaerosol sampler was launched (we’re currently on our 4th generation product).  Further design and development resulted in the introduction of the MicroBio MB2 bioaerosol sampler four years later.

Due to expansion of the business during 1996, we moved to premises in Northfleet, Kent.  However, further growth resulted in the business moving again to a larger combined office and laboratory space.

In 1999, we built a new laboratory and production unit to accommodate the extra demands of production.  With the production of the MicroBio products increasing beyond our capacity, we took the decision in 2000 to outsource manufacturing to a Kentish firm to enable us to concentrate on product design and development.

In 2003, the business decided to focus on scientific work, moving away from general electronic design and industrial work, and this led to us incorporating as a Limited company and subsequently our current name to emphasise our scientific activities.  From 2007 we have operated from our own purpose built unit in Dartford, Kent.

In March 2017 we acquired the full international sales network of MicroBio products from F W Parrett Ltd and since then have brought production of the sampler back in-house, with the majority of parts sourced and manufactured by local specialist firms.