Qualisair™ qCR Calibration Kit

This kit contains everything needed to perform routine validation, annual calibration and service for the full range of Cantium Scientific Limited bioaerosol samplers, including standard and HiFlow MicroBio air samplers, and future models of samplers with air flow rates from 50 to 250 litres per minute.

The kit, supplied in a padded carry case includes:

  • Calibration rig and adaptor for various sampling head types
  • Anemometer with LCD display
  • Service tools (screwdrivers, reamers for sampling head hole clearing, clamps, o-ring tool)
  • Common spare parts kit (screws, plate/dish springs, o-rings)
  • Factory issued calibration certificate 

An Excel spreadsheet is supplied to enable full calibration service and has all calibration factors for the individual kit pre-configured. 

The Qualisair™ qCR kit is designed and manufactured in the UK by Cantium Scientific Limited.



Please use the following part numbers when ordering:   A-00422


Download: Qualisair qCR Kit Operating Manual


Qualisair™ is a registered trademark of Cantium Scientific Limited

* A barometer is no longer supplied with kit