Calibration using Qualisair qCR Kit

If you wish to become an authorised service agent for MicroBio air samplers, then this course in providing calibration service is a requirement.

Upon successful completion, the individual taking the course will be authorised to perform calibrations for all Microbio Air Sampler models.

When successfully completed, a certificate will be issued and is valid for three years.


Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Pre-requisites  
Lesson 2 Calibration Room Requirements  
Lesson 3 Equipment Requirements  
Lesson 4 Hygiene  
Lesson 5 General Knowledge Assessment  
Module 2 Setting up the certificate spreadsheet
Lesson 1 Certificate procedure  
Module 3 Performing an Air Sampler Calibration
Lesson 1 When to calibrate?  
Lesson 2 Calibration Procedure  
Module 4 Course Completion
Lesson 1 Course completion