MicroBio samplers supplied with Ansmann Powerline 4

All new MicroBio MB1 and MB2 samplers from Cantium Scientific Limited are now being supplied with Ansmann Powerline-4 chargers and four 2500 mAhr AA max-e nickel metal hydride rechargeable cells.  These new chargers offer superior safety protection and energy efficiency, automatically switching themselves off once charging is complete.  Each cell is individually charged offering faulty cell detection, over charge protection and safety timer.

Ansmann max-e NiMH cells are supplied fully charged and have a shelf life greater than many other commercially available cells of similar capacity, typically holding a full charge for up to 12 months (if not installed).

This makes the MicroBio ready to use out of the box!

Powerline-4 are designed for use worldwide and Cantium Scientific Limited will supply the appropriate plug connectors to suit the destination country, plus a 12V automotive plug.


Key Features

  • Zero Watt technology means no standby power consumption, the charger automatically disconnects itself from the mains power once the batteries are fully charged (when operated with AC power)
  • Aluminium housing
  • Microprocessor controlled supervision of each cell
  • Multiple over charging protection by voltage detection (-deltaV, 0deltaV) and safety timer
  • Trickle charging for min. 1h before the charger disconnects itself from the mains power
  • Faulty cell detection/Alkaline detection
  • Battery status is displayed by LED per charging slot
  • Primary plug changeable
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • For worldwide use or for use in-car


Input voltage 100-240V AC, 12V DC
Charging current/cell800mA
Dimensions/Weight70 x 106 x 78 mm
Worldwide use YES
Individual supervision of cells YES
Faulty cell detection and over-charge protectionYES
Microprocessor control YES
Safety timer YES