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If you have any sales enquiries, please contact us or call +44 (0)1322 252000.

Useful downloads

Please also feel free to download any of the documents listed below.  Included here are some spreadsheets for analysing the results obtained from using the MicroBio samplers.  These, offered free without warranty, may be downloaded and modified in any way you wish to suit your own needs.

Positive Hole Correction Analysis Spreadsheet using Excel™ (Windows™ or Libre Office)

Positive Hole Correction Analysis Spreadsheet using Number™ (Apple Mac)


The MicroBio should give many years of trouble-free service with minimal routine maintenance.  However, below are some common questions and answers relating to the use of the MicroBio MB1 and MB2 Air Sampler.  If your problem is not resolved please contact us describing the issue or contact your local distributor for support.

In the event you need to return a MicroBio sampler or other related device back for service or calibration, please contact your local distributor, or complete our online form. We will then issue you a returns number.

Q.  The unit will not switch on.

A.  Check the batteries are inserted correctly and fully charged.  If this does not resolve the situation, please contact the manufacturer.

Q.  (MB1 Only) When setting the volume to be sampled and then pressing start, the fan seems to run slow and the display dims.

A.  This may well be due to exhausted batteries, or use of low quality batteries.  Some AA cells have a higher internal resistance than others, particularly budget cells.  When the fan starts in the instrument there is a high surge current that will cause the voltage of the batteries to momentarily dip causing the fan to run slow.  Try using a new set of high quality alkaline or freshly charged NiMh cells.  The brands of alkaline cells we have found to work well are Duracell, Energizer and Varta.

Q.  The sampler cuts out and switches off during sampling.

A.  This is due to exhausted or low quality batteries.  Replace batteries or recharge.

Q.  The sampling head fits loosely.

A.  There is a retaining spring inside the sampling head area that keeps the head tight.  This may, with time and use, have moved.  Loosen the screw, slide the spring to the edge of the sampling head plate and re- tighten.  Try this until a secure fit is obtained.

Q.  The contact plate or Petri dish fit loosely.

A.  With time the springs that hold them in place may have loosened.  Undo the screws, move the springs and re-tighten until a secure hold of the plate/dish is obtained.  There is variation in the outside diameter of plates from one manufacturer to another.  The MicroBio holding springs can be adjusted to accommodate this variation.

MB2 Only (pre-2014)

Q.  Unable to adjust properly user pre-set sample volumes or sample volume and samples records appear to be corrupted.

A.  This is a rare event that may possibly happen if the unit is switched off during sampling or just as sampling completes.  The unit should never be switched off until the user acknowledges the end of sampling or cancels sampling using the keypad.  If this does occur, select “UNIT STATUS” from the menu, press START, then hold down the + and – buttons simultaneously until the display indicates the unit is “RESETTING”.  The MB2 will re-boot to factory default values and clear any problems.