Sequential Sampling on MicroBio MB2 Samplers

Sequential sampling enables a programmable volume of air to be sampled over an extended period of time. Monitoring for short periods could risk missing potential hazards that may occur during the day. The MicroBio MB2 can now be set up and left to work autonomously sequential sampling up to 10,000 litres over a 24 hour period.

Celebrating 21 Years of MicroBio Bioaerosol Samplers

MicroBio bioaerosol samplers are celebrating 21 years of setting the standard for affordable air sampling! In 1994 working in collaboration with F W Parrett Ltd we designed and introduced our first bioaerosol sampler: the MicroBio MB1.

MicroBio samplers supplied with Ansmann Powerline 4

All new MicroBio MB1 and MB2 samplers from Cantium Scientific Limited are now being supplied with Ansmann Powerline-4 chargers and four 2500 mAhr AA max-e nickel metal hydride rechargeable cells.  These new chargers offer superior safety protection and energy efficiency, automatically switching themselves off once charging is complete.  Each cell is individually charged offering faulty cell detection, over charge protection and safety timer. Ansmann max-e NiMH cells are supplied fully charged and have a shelf life greater than many other commercially available cells of similar capacity, typically holding a full charge for up to 12 months (if not installed). This Read More …

Importance of impaction velocity for sampling viable organisms

We are often asked ‘how can MicroBio samplers be that good at sampling compared to others costing more than twice as much?’ The simple answer: the impaction velocity of organisms is kept low enough, between 9.8 and 11 metres per second for MicroBio sampling heads, so their viability is not compromised when impacting upon sample plates, but not too slow as to flow through the air stream and miss the plate altogether! Our sampler design concentrates on viable bioaerosol collection rather than the aesthetics of the product.  What’s important is capturing a viable sample, rather than just looking the part. Research has shown (Stewart et al, Appl Environ Microbiol. Read More …

Online count correction feature

image use licensed from iStockPhoto

Our website includes a free to use online count correction feature. This will enable MicroBio air sampler users to quickly calculate airborne CFU concentrations and positive hole count correction on visible colony growths in a petri dish or contact plate following microbial air sampling. It is suitable for correcting counts obtained from samples taken using the MicroBio MB1, MB2, MB2-RSH and MB2-HiFlow bioaerosol samplers with any sampling head option.  Once a sample has been taken, the contact plate or petri dish should be removed immediately from the MicroBio, the lid replaced on the plate and sealed. A note should be made on the lid regarding time, location Read More …

Poor air hygiene partly to blame for British Cheese ban in China

In a news article by the BBC: ‘China temporarily bans British cheese imports’ dated 5 May 2014, British cheese sales in China have received a temporary ban for cheeses made after 1 May.   Why? Reportedly, Chinese food inspectors were dissatisfied with many aspects of one particular dairy, including maintenance, storage, transport and air sanitisation.  Even though the report [cite][/cite] highlights that the only diary in question does not export its products to China, the ban effects all producers.  Even though China represents only 1% of UK cheese exports, the Chinese market is growing exponentially and to take advantage of that Read More …